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​​​absolute dance 

Absolute Dance Studio Policies

Absolute Dance keeps with the traditions of Classical Ballet, proper Attire for each class is expected. Leotard & Tights must be worn to every class. Hair must be secured in bun or off the shoulders. Shoes from a pervious year may be used to begin the season, but you will need the correct shoe/style/color before recital.

PLEASE NOTE: Bright colors, neon colors, any patterns or loose baggy clothing is not acceptable dance attire. Dancers may at no time dance in only socks or footed tights. All jewelry should be removed prior to class. Dance shoes should be worn in the studio only to protect the dance floors.

Proper Attire and hair is expected, dancers deemed unprepared for class will not be permitted to participate but will observe the class.

Label all dance shoes, jackets and bags with your child's name to avoid confusion in class and coat room. Absolute Dance is not responsible for lost stolen or misplaced times. DO NOT BRING VALUABLES TO THE STUDIO. All jackets, street shows, and boots should be placed in a cubby in the coat area. Please do not bring shoes or coats into the dance studio areas.






Parents are responsible for signing their student in and out of the studio at the front desk. No students may exit the building without a parent with them. This is for our child's safety. 

​No Student is allowed in the lobby without a parent or adult present. Students must wait in the lobby until their class in called up or told other wise by their class teacher.

If a student is injured for any reason inside or outside of the studio. We must have a doctors note stating what is wrong, treatment and how long students cannot participate in class for. If the student is cleared and may come back to class we must have a doctors note stating the are clear to return to class. 

If your child has been sick and has been staying home from school due to fever or any type of illness people keep your child home. Just like school we have a 24-48 hour rule. Students set to the studio sick will be sent home right away. This is to keep everyone else from getting sick. 

Please note office hours for Trish are posted outside of office lobby area.

We are here to help you! Email, call, or visit office area for information. Information is posted on Website, Facebook Pages, and Instagram. Information is also handed out to students during class time.

Registration Fee:

$25 Individual, $35 Family. Registration fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable

The Course Fee:

The seasonal course fee covered the cost of instruction and studio operation expenses. Your seasonal course fee is determined by the total number of classes your family is attending per week. The course fee remains the same regardless of absences, holidays or weather related closings. Absolute Dance does not offer make up classes or pro-rated tuition. Course fee payments are due the 1st week of every month. Payments received after the 10th of each month must include a $15 late fee. Students whose accounts are over due by more than 1 month will not be allowed to participate in class. Tuition accounts must be paid in full prior to your child participating in the Recital.

9 Equal Payments:

Billed to your credit card on file via AUTOPAY on 1st of each month from September to May.


Full seasonal course fee may be paid by September 15th at a 5% discount for cash only. Discount does not apply to registration, costumes, or recital fee.

AUTO PAY Details:

Must file yearly with an updated credit card on file.

Theatrical Recital:

Each season includes a spectacular theatrical dance production complete with scenery, lights, and costumes.

Our recital is held at Cayuga Community College.