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"The Absolute Dance center is a place of growth, love, and family. You leave with not only solid dance technique, but skills to carry on throughout your life. You learn how to quickly pick things up, work in groups, how to be a leader, and how to connect deeply with peers. I hold my ADC family close to my heart​."- Emma Butler

"My daughter has been with Absolute for 6 years and has loved every minute of it!"- Lisa Wride

"I have seen tremendous growth in confidence with my daughter at absolute! She loves her teachers, learning, growing, and loves the connection she has made with her very special dance friends!" - Angela Stapleton

"Absolute Dance has been an Amazing Experience for my daughter!! She has learned so much technique and style from her dance teachers. She is graduating now and I will miss seeing her dance and perform her heart on stage with all
her friends.We love our Dance Family at Absolute!! Thank you Yvonne and Cece for everything!!"- Stephanie Nuzzi-Harris

"My daughter been dancing since she was 3 and is now 11. They put so much time into there students and always make it enjoyable. And their shows are fantastic to watch. I recommend to come and join​." - Gina Gower Fennessy

"My daughter has been with Absolute for 6 years and counting! Such an amazing staff with superior skill set and knowledge but also loving and supportive to all their students. Highly recommend!!" - Joanna Wilson

​"My daughters have danced at absolute dance since they were 4 and 5 years old. They have developed into accomplished, talented young ladies with high self esteem and confidence in their ability to succeed, both on and off the stage. They are fit and healthy, and the friendships they have made at dance class are positive, strong, and enduring. They love being part of the absolute dance family."-Michelle Graney

"Absolute Dance is not only a school that offers excellent teachers, and training for young dancers, it also offers a safe haven and second family. A place where students can escape some of the pressures of the world to find themselves in an activity they love, in an environment that is welcoming and loving. The school also helps to instill a self discipline that will help students in future endeavors. It not only supports its students as they make their progress from elementary through high school, but as they continue on their life journeys, welcoming them back year after year as they visit and grow."-Anna Post

"ABSOLUTE-LY AMAZING! My daughter has been dancing with Absolute for 7 years and my Son for 2. Both of them have grown immensely in so many ways, both personally and in their ability. The staff is so invested and are personable and understanding. We are grateful as a family to see the impact of Absolute!"-Jen Gorney

"Absolute Dance is the most supportive, nurturing, and professional dance studio I have ever seen.The instructors care and it shows in the students commitment to excel and grow as dancers and people. I have watched as my daughter's skills have blossomed and been refined over the last few years. My 3 boys were so enthralled when ever we visited to see their sister that they have joined as students along with their nephew. I have watched my children learn not only how to dance but to be tolerant, caring, and compassionate and to bring their feelings out in a safe environment as they dance. I could not be happier with the impact of Absolute Dance on my children's lives as they grow into young adults."-Melissa Panek

"If it wasn't for the excellent dance training I received at this amazing institution, I would of never gone on to further my education at the collegiate level, and have the opportunities Ive had to perform professionally in this industry. Whether you desire more out of your artistic abilities, or just looking for something fun...

Absolute Dance is the perfect place to invest your time!"- Jake Smith

"Both my daughters have grown so much as dancers since they have joined Absolute Dance! My older daughter dances for the company and it has afforded her so many opportunities, she won a scholarship at the Nuvo dance convention for ballet and was recently selected to be one of 30 students out of the 100s that auditioned to attend NYSSSA (NYS Summer School of the Arts) School of Dance in Saratoga, she has also received guidance on information, assistance and support she will need for her college preparation next year all thanks to Yvonne and the amazing staff at Absolute!!​"- Stephanie Reese​

"My daughters have been dancing here since kindergarten (7 years now). They love dance and I truly appreciate

the way that their confidence has grown over the years!"-Rachel Hoadley

​"Seriously love this dance studio and all the dance teachers. This will be Lola's 4th year of dancing at Absolute Dance studio. Not only is she learning the art of dance, but she is being shaped and molded into a self confident and kind young woman in a safe environment, thanks to the ladies at the studio.

She has built great friendships at Absolute Dance. Every year during summer break, she can't wait for the next year to begin. The teachers are fun and professional.

Great recitals every year. Today she said "Absolute is my dance fam!""- Michelle Snyder Pelton

"I spent some of my best years in this studio and company. Friendships and life lessons to last a lifetime!"- Jennica Liberatore

"I danced at Absolute for years and now my daughter does.....there is no where else that compares in the slightest to them. They are professional and caring and can provide an education in dance that is top notch. And the recitals are amazing!!!!" - Andrea Gadsby Ashby

"Most dedicated, knowledgeable, loving teachers. A beautiful, safe space for dancers to learn and reach their potential. Absolute made all the difference in my daughter's growth from age 3 to 17 as a dancer as well as a confident young woman." - Christine Siddall

​"My daughter has learned so much while at Absolute Dance, and made many lifelong friends."- Jennifer Hamilton

"My daughter has been dancing here since she was three. At 10 she loves dance and can't wait until her next practice night. The teachers are skilled, patient and eager to share their love of dance to any age and/or level of student. Highly recommended!!"- Marcy Weed

"We Love Absolute Dance! The teachers are so great with the kids! My daughter is 3 and absolutely adores her dance teachers and loves going to her classes. She has so much fun and also learns so much." - Kristin Clark

"My children love dancing with Absolute. They do a wonderful job teaching and caring for our children. My daughters learn so much every year and enjoy being part of the group. They can't wait to go back after summer is over."- Mandy Foster

​"The Absolute Dance Center is a fabulous place for young girls to learn how to dance and to have their skills nurtured, but it also provides an excellent environment for girls to gain confidence in themselves and focus on their futures as well. My 23 year old daughter danced with Yvonne, the creative director of ADC, for 10 years, and we credit Yvonne with helping her do well academically and to make good decisions socially. Yvonne is truly committed to helping young girls grow into confident, well adjusted young women. We will always be grateful for Yvonne's influence in our daughter's life."- Colleen Meier

​"My daughter has been dancing at Absolute Dance for the past 5 years and has learned so much in that time. She has not only had top quality dance technique training, but also learned the skills to build her character and confidence. The teaching staff is excellent and the choreography is amazing! I would recommend this studio highly!" - Alison Loi

"At Absolute Dance your child will not only get top notch instruction in technique, but he or she will be given the support that allows personal growth and creativity to flourish. I highly recommend this studio. My daughter has been taking dance here for four years and has been given countless opportunities

while having FUN!!!" - Julie Boedicker​

"I grew up at Absolute Dance. I wouldn't have it any other way!!" - Tate Mason

"Absolute Dance is amazing! Since my daughter has joined last year, she has more self esteem and her grades have improved, tremendously. She actually made honor roll this first marking period, at the Auburn Junior High. I'm honored that she is part of a wonderful dance studio." - Melissa Besner

"Absolute Dance is awesome! Yvonne and the rest of the staff are friendly and motivating and the classes have a welcoming atmosphere.

A great place to study or brush up." - Kristen Salpini