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Regular Class Pricing: 

(Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior & ADC Dance Company Levels) 

Ballet Classes are FREE when you take One or More Classes at Absolute Dance.

REGISTRATION FEES        Single Student $25.00          Family $35.00

Class Pricing:                       Cash price            credit card/paypal

One Dance Class:                                $45.00                              $47.00

Two Dance Classes:                            $80.00                               $83.00

Three Dance Classes:                         $120.00                             $125.00

Four Dance Classes:                           $140.00                             $145.00

Five or More Dance Classes:             $150.00                             $156.00 

Annual Recital Fee:   $35.00 (Includes Tights, Performance T-Shirts & Extra Recital Items.)

Pay Full Year in September

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Kids Programs:                                               Cash Price              Credit Card/Paypal

Creative Movement 1 (30 Minutes) Ages 3-4                   $35.00                                       $37.00                                   Creative Movement 2 (30 Minutes) Ages 4-5                  $35.00                                       $37.00

Pre Level 1 (45 Minutes) Ages 5-6                                   $45.00                                       $47.00

Pre Level 2 (45 Minutes) Ages 6-7                                   $45.00                                       $47.00

Pre Level HipHop (30 Minutes)                                        $35.00                                       $37.00

Pre Level HipHop is only $8.00 a month when you sign up for Regular Pre Level Classes.

FREE Boys HipHop (30 Minutes) Ages 5-10FREE

Boys Tap (30 Minutes) Ages 5-10  $25.00 for the full year.

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Costume Pricing:

Creative Movement, Pre, Beg.1 & Beg.2:  $45.00 Each Costume

Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior & ADC Dance Company: $55.00 Each Costume

Other Amount

Class Levels
Reg Fee

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You may also fill out an auto-charge form at the front desk.

Tuition & Policy

Affordable Programs For All Ages & Levels

*Payments can be made at Front Desk or Online Below.

*Absolute Dance only accepts Cash, Credit Card, & PayPal Payments ONLY.*Payments are due the 1st Week of every month.  
*$10 Late fee will be added to payments not received by the 10th of each month

Celebrating Our 16th Year!    Classes for all ages & levels 


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Split Class pricing:                                                                    Cash price                Credit card/paypal

Beginner Level 1 - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (1 Hour & 30 Minutes) Ages 7-8         $60.00                                     $63.00

Beginner Level 2 - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (1 Hour & 30 Minutes) Ages 8-9         $60.00                                     $63.00

Mini Level - Ballet/Jazz/Tap (2 Hours) Ages 9-10                                      $80.00                                      $83.00

When choosing split class get each additional class such as

HipHop, Musical Teacher & Modern at $8.00 each.